Mile End's Brussels Sprouts with Candied Walnuts and Apples


Brussels Sprouts [Photograph: Quentin Bacon]

To complement their Tsimis recipe in The Mile End Cookbook, Noah and Rae Bernamoff offer another honey-sweetened vegetable dish: Brussels Sprouts.

Here they also call for roasting, but the sprouts are given a high-heat treatment, emerging from the oven blistered and crisp. And then instead of coating the sprouts in a honey glaze, they use that glaze to candy walnuts. A final flourish of sauteed Granny Smith apples completes the dish, balancing the bitter notes of the sprouts and nuts.

Why I picked this recipe: Walnuts and brussels sprouts are always a winning combination in my book; throw in honey, butter, and tart-sweet apples and I'm in early-fall heaven.

What worked: Candying the walnuts in honey was a neat trick, flavor-wise, as their sweet and slightly bitter flavor perfectly matched the caramelized sprouts.

What didn't: Nothing. Every step was spot-on.

Suggested Tweaks: I'd like more walnuts next time around, and I'd also cut the apples into smaller pieces.

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