A Sandwich a Day: 2 Meat Combo at Kenny & Ziggy's in Houston

A Sandwich a Day

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[Photo: Patric Schneider]

"Kenny & Ziggy's was undoubtedly one of the best delis in the country," noted David Sax in his far-ranging survey of the genre, Save the Deli, affirming that there is plenty substance behind the considerable substance dished at this popular Houston restaurant located near the Galleria. The walls are nearly completely covered with framed Playbills and posters of Broadway productions past and movies set in the City; and the kitchen is guided by owner Ziggy Gruber, who embodies three generations of New York deli tradition.



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As expected, their overloaded sandwiches are a big draw. Available in a number of permutations, a slightly less traditional version that works quite well is a 2 Meat Combo featuring house-cured corned beef and roasted turkey, plus a couple of slices of nearly unnecessary Swiss ($16.95). With top-quality seeded rye providing the outline, the moist and lighter turkey meat is a surprisingly pleasant partner for the gutsier corned beef, giving some additional tasty heft while keeping the cholesterol count in check. (A bit.)

Kenny & Ziggy's

2327 Post Oak Boulevard, Houston TX 77056 (map) 713-871-8883