Where to Eat Tasty Fish Tacos in Tijuana and Ensenada, Mexico

Fish tacos may be one of San Diego's most iconic eats, and while there are some seriously good options north of the border, the best place to taste the Baja-born delicacy is right where it was invented.

From San Diego, it's a quick trip. The blue line trolley will take you directly to the border for $2.50. Cross a pedestrian bridge, go through a turnstile, and you're there, all in about 45 minutes from downtown. Once you're in Tijuana, you can hop in a taxi (hint: the white Taxi Libres are cheaper) and munch on mariscos like spicy shrimp tacos, red snapper ceviche, and octopus tacos.


Sixty miles south in Ensenada, there are even more options, ranging from La Guerrerense, the famous ceviche cart that serves up everything from uni to sea snails, to numerous stands offering cazon (shark) and camaron (shrimp) tacos, battered and fried in a pot of bubbling lard. The city's proximity to the ocean means the fish is fresh, and it's also easy to navigate, making it possible to hit all of the highlighted spots on foot, in one day. Each vendor has their own (highly guarded) batter recipe and unique homemade salsas and hot sauces, and with most options at about $1 US.

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9 Taquerias to Try in Tijuana and Ensenada

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El Mazateño
La Corriente Cevecheria Nais
Fish Tacos Ensenada
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La Guerrerense