What to Eat in Friday Harbor, on Washington's San Juan Island

[Photographs: Jay Friedman]

One might not ordinarily think of Friday Harbor for a culinary getaway, but it's on a small island (surrounded by many other islands) full of farms and artists, which means local seafood, meat, fruits, vegetables, and more prepared with care. While dining options are limited, you can find culinary experiences from grab-n-go to fine dining—albeit in a very casual atmosphere.

Less than ninety miles north of Seattle, you board a ferry in Anacortes, and in an hour's time you're on San Juan Island. Far from the urban scene, you'll quickly adapt to island time and island pace. It's virtually impossible to get lost, but if you end up on the wrong road, you'll find something interesting to eat or drink at a distillery, bee farm, lavender farm, winery, shellfish farm (sadly about to shut down), or alpaca farm (well, nothing there to eat but cuteness).

I recently toured San Juan Island, peeking into as many places as possible. Foregoing tourist-oriented fish and chips, here are nine food experiences—from pickled bull kelp to Thai lettuce wraps—I recommend for you in Friday Harbor, found in the slideshow above.