Serious Entertaining: What to Eat Before a Robyn Dance Party

Serious Entertaining

Seasonal menu planning for the perfect dinner party.

20120823-robyn-main.jpgAs I was starting to compile tomato and peach recipes for a "Make the Most of Late-Summer Produce" menu, I couldn't escape the Robyn thumping in my ears. Next thought: can I just write about Robyn instead? Can she somehow be food-related? "Ja" (that's "yes" in Swedish) is the answer.

Robyn and I go way back to the 1990s during the Robyn Is Here days. Anyone else obsessed with this Swedish pop star? Anyone else can't go a day without listening to "Dancing on My Own" on repeat? There have been a couple Robyn-themed dance parties popping up around Brooklyn. Even the Wall Street Journal was there.

But you need not go any further than your living room for a bonafide Robyn-charged dance party. Here's a menu to fuel the energy necessary for jumping in circles, bouncing all over the room, and whipping your Swedish blonde hair back and forth.

We Dance to the Beet Salad

Beet and Citrus Salad with Pinenut Vinaigrette

Beets and citrus are a wonderful combo, just like Robyn and her asymmetrical hair. This salad combines grapefruit, orange, roasted beets, a bit of arugula for some peppery kick, nuts and a vinaigrette made with sherry vinegar, shallots, and walnut oil.

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Gravlax is a traditional Swedish salmon preparation and it seemed only appropriate to honor Robyn's Scandinavian heritage here. In this recipe, jasmine and green tea replace the more common dill, making for a slightly smoky flavor.

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Stars 4-Ever Sangria


While listening to Stars 4-Ever, sip on this fruity sangria. It's somewhere between a spiked lemonade and a sangria, complete with a starfruit slice floating around.

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