Video: At Home With Nick Anderer, Executive Chef at NYC's Maialino

What do our favorite chefs cook when they're off the clock? Our "At Home With" video series brings the Serious Eats crew into their apartments to find out.


Nick Anderer, executive chef at excellent NYC Italian restaurant Maialino, has no shortage of tricks up his chef-whites; see his perfectly poached eggs for evidence.

But what does he cook when he's in the comfort of his own home? On a humid summer night, we stopped by Nick's apartment for kimchi fried rice jazzed up with homemade kimchi and leftover pork belly from the restaurant. (Yep, boss Danny Meyer knows about it.)

[Videography: Jessica Leibowitz; Production Assistant: Will Gibney]

We love this clean-out-the-fridge dish—whose taste changes depending on its cast of ingredients—especially for its salty-spicy-sweet trifecta. As Nick says, "There should be a guy on the corner of 14th Street and Avenue A that serves this stuff instead of the gyros. I bet you he would kill it with all the late-night people that are drunk stumbling home to Stuytown."

Spoiler Alert! This video includes footage of Nick feeding his dogs Revis and Kai some pork belly. Ah, the ways we get our kids to smile for the camera...

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About the videographer: Jessica Leibowitz is in charge of all things video at Serious Eats. You can follow more of her adventures on her site, or on Twitter at @photo_delicious.