The Perennial Plate's New Video Series Around the World

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For the last two years, I've been documenting sustainable food stories all over America. After 104 films, and quite an adventure, the obvious question is what to do next.

I'm very excited to announce that team Perennial Plate (along with our new partner, Intrepid Travel) will be taking our sustainable food stories across the globe. The trips start in September with a month in Japan and China followed by adventures in South Asia, Europe, Africa and more. Our first video from the Real Food World Tour will premiere in October.

But in the meantime, for a quick refresher, check out this cartoon announcement video we made. It's full of squirrel hunting, superheros and vegetable monsters.

And in future episodes, what can you look forward to? Rooftop farms in Beijing, grass-fed beef in Argentina, bluefin tuna spawning in Japan, tea in Sri Lanka and some hardcore deliciousness in Italy.

Catch the series here on Serious Eats and visit for regular blog entries, pictures and tweets from the road.

Watch the Video!