Snapshots from El Salvador: Best Things We Ate in Juayúa

Any country that likes art and food as much as El Salvador is OK in our book. And Juayúa, a small town not far from the Guatemalan border, really, really likes both. Every single weekend, vendors from all over the country set up stands beneath lively murals depicting everyday scenes of cultivating and harvesting coffee, celebrating, and conducting religious ceremonies.

The Feria Gastronomica sells eyeglasses, bras, bowls, tourist tat, underpants, meat (on or off the rib cage, cooked or un-), produce, baked goods, sandwiches, platters, and drinks. One magical weekend earlier this summer, we pretty much ate nonstop.

Papas fritas

Papas fritas, pupusas, tortas, iguana (!) and more in the slideshow!