Sandwiched: Grilled Steak, Avocado, and Spicy Crema


The greatest column since sliced bread.


[Photograph: María del Mar Sacasa]


Guide to Steak

All the methods and tips you need to make perfect steak, each and every time.

At least once a week I get a craving for red meat. A medium-rare steak, a sizzling burger, paper-thin slices of carpaccio—it doesn't matter what form it takes, but it needs to be beef.

If I'm going out to dinner I'll have a specific cut in mind, but on a weeknight my go-tos are hanger or skirt steak. Both cuts are very quick to cook and are rich and flavorful, needing little other than salt, pepper, and a hot skillet to be successfully prepared.

Steak and avocado are a common duo on my weekly menus; the combination never seems to get old. As I mentioned, I find hanger flavorful on its own; here it is seasoned only with salt and pepper, then seared until lightly charred on the outside and juicy in the center (I go for medium-rare, but cook your steak to the temperature you prefer). The avocado is a quick mash-up made with cilantro, lime juice and zest for extra punch, scallions, and garlic. Usually, I'd throw in chiles for heat, but I leave them out, adding heat via hot sauce stirred into thick, buttery, tart crema.

Toasted bread, pleasantly chewy steak, velvety avocado, and cool spicy crema make this an incredibly satisfying sandwich.