Snapshots from Spain: San Ginés Chocolateria, Madrid

[Photographs: Seth Cobb]


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Traditionally consumed in the morning hours as a Spanish breakfast, churros and chocolate make for a sweet start to the day. There are two ways to enjoy churros and chocolate at Chocolateria San Ginés in Madrid; one like tourist and one like a local, but both happen around the same time, breakfast.

In Madrid, the metro stops running around midnight, so the decision has to be made to either call it quits or stay out all night and catch the train when it starts running again at 6 am. Hidden away mere steps from the Puerta del Sol is the famous Chocolateria San Ginés. It's been serving up churros and chocolate 24 hours a day since 1894. Whether you've been out partying all night and need a pick me up for the day to come, or you've just woken up, all tend to meet at this little gem during the breakfast hours. The crisp churros are made in house, and the combination of savory, crunchy churros dunked into the smooth, sweet, warm chocolate is a wonderful way to start your morning.

If you are craving the cinnamon and sugar dusted Mexican-style churros, then head elsewhere. These churros are made by the spiraled piping of batter into large fry vats. The fried spiral shape is then cut into smaller, more manageable sections, and placed next to a steaming hot cup of thick chocolate. Their are two types churros, the traditional skinny sticks, and a thicker, heartier version called porras. Made from the same batter, the size is the only difference between the two. Both are meant for dipping into the almost pudding thick chocolate, and both are extremely delicious.