Kettle Brand Brings Back Retired Chip Flavors, and They're Good


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

Kettle Brand starting bagging their first crispy, golden potato chips in 1982. Since then, they've expanded their lineup from plain chips to flavors like salt and pepper, spicy Thai, sweet onion, and honey dijon. In honor of its 30th birthday, Kettle Brand decided to bring back four of its retired flavors: Jalapeno Jack, Cheddar Beer, Salsa, and Red Chili. They're all the same kettle chips we've come to love and expect from the brand: thin, extra crunchy, and not too salty.

Jalapeno Jack

This flavor is the best of the bunch. Though they weren't nearly as hot as I would like, they do have a satisfying jalapeno flavor that finishes with salty jack cheese, peppers, and a little bit of spice. If you're like me and you love classic sour cream and onion chips, you might find yourself bulldozing your way through a bag of these.

Cheddar Beer

The straightforward, potent cheddar seasoning on these chips was a crowdpleaser at SEHQ. These are your go-to snack when watching the game. You'll need to have a bottle of beer on hand, though; the beer flavor isn't quite there. At all.


An unfortunate case of overseasoning. Way more intensely flavored than the others, these chips had a 70/30 flavor ratio of barbecue and taco seasoning. Not what you'd think of when you think salsa chips, but if you really dig mesquite barbecue flavor, you probably won't mind these.

Red Chili

Definitely the most interesting in the group. They start out vinegary and sweet, end with a slight kick, and give an overall Thai sweet chili sauce taste. They could have been spicier but they're still perfectly serviceable chips that break away from traditional or mundane flavors.

Overall, the Limited Edition Flavors from Kettle Brand are decent chips. They don't deviate much from familiar flavor combinations like sour cream and onion or zesty salsa, but they'll certainly hit the spot when you need a potato fix.