Sunday Supper: Grilled Chicken Niçoise Salad

Sunday Supper

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Editor's note: Each Saturday afternoon we bring you a Sunday Supper recipe. Why on Saturday? So you have time to shop and prepare for tomorrow.


[Photograph: Jennifer Olvera]

Although it's traditionally topped with anchovies and tuna, this version of the classic Niçoise gets a slight spin. Anchovies are instead incorporated into the tarragon-laced dressing—a boon for haters since they're hidden—while marinated, grilled chicken lends catch-all appeal.

Because the salad does take time, it tends to be a special occasion preparation, one perfect for hosting company during the dog days of summer. To cut down on prep time, not to mention, dishes, it's best to cook the potatoes and eggs in the same pot with staggered cooking times, while using the same pan to steam the green beans on top. The only real trick is getting the timing right.

Note: The salad may be assembled up to six hours ahead, when not dressed with vinaigrette.

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