A Sandwich a Day: The Overboard from Ippolito's Fish Market in Philadelphia

A Sandwich a Day

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[Photographs: Hawk Krall]

Ippolito's is a neighborhood South Philly fish market (that also supplies a lot of restaurants) not too far from where I live. I've stopped in to pick up fish to cook for dinner numerous times but hadn't tried any of their sandwiches until recently. I expected them to be pretty good, and at least 10 times fresher than the sketchy corner store fish hoagies I like to write about—but this thing was incredible.

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The Overboard consisted of a freshly breaded and fried slab of flounder on soft sliced bread, dressed "Pittsburgh Style" with fresh cut fries, cole slaw and a bunch of hot sauce. Probably the closest you'll get to Nashville's Hot Fish in Philadelphia.

The slaw that topped the sandwich was excellent, freshly made and better than what you get at most delis, and the homemade pepper hash was terrific, familiar but with a slight smokiness and spice. The menu is pretty extensive, with all sorts of fish sandwiches from po' boys to Mexican lobster rolls (!!) and fish tacos. Not really sure why I don't eat here every single day.

Ippolito's Seafood

1300 Dickinson Street, Philadelphia, PA (map) 215-389-8906