First Look: Izakaya Seki in Washington, D.C.

[Photographs: Brian Oh]

It seems like there's a new opening around the U Street Corridor every week lately and this week is no exception. Opening its unmarked doors on V Street last week, Izakaya Seki is run by a Japanese chef and his daughter. The presentation is uncomplicated and the space, very minimal. The first floor holds a chef's counter with seating for only ten, where Seki will prepare and hand you the food himself. Upstairs, the dining area seats another 20 to 30.


Chef Seki at work behind the first floor counter.

The menu offers dishes broken up into raw, grilled, fried, and noodle/rice dishes. Look for Korean style BBQ beef short ribs and fried pork nuggets on there along with raw octopus and pig feet with miso mustard.

Seki also offers an extensive sake program with over 20 selections and almost as many sojus. For the beer-minded, there's Kirin and Sapporo on tap and 13 bottles to choose from, mostly Coedo and Echigo.


Bottles of sake and soju on the second floor are some of the only decoration in the very minimal space.

Besides the red lantern outside, Seki is devoid of any exterior decoration and is really easy to miss. They also don't take reservations, but you shouldn't let these things deter you. If you're on U Street and have the taste for fresh Japanese food, Izakaya Seki serves as a nice diversion to the usual Jumbo Slice nearby.

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Izakaya Seki 1117 V St. NW, Washington, DC 20009 (map) 202-588-5841;