Dinner Tonight: Green Curry With Lake Trout and Green Beans

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[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

It's that time of year when my meals are dictated not only by a particular craving, but also by what remarkable fresh produce I can pick up at the farmers' market. That used to mean a whole lot of Italian-inspired creations, which still happens, but I've come to also realize that cooking methods from other cuisines can be used just as dynamic, even if they aren't 100% authentic to the original. While I definitely can't procure all the specific elements of traditional Thai green curry, that doesn't mean I can't show off my local vegetables using Thai techniques.

What this green curry loses in strict authenticity, it gains in freshness, which I think is a fair trade. The only real shortcut is the use of store-bought green curry paste. You could make it yourself, but with a container from a local Asian market and a can of coconut milk, I was able to quickly put this together for an easy weeknight meal.

Plus, then all you have to worry about is what fresh produce to use. Bright and slender green beans seemed like a natural choice. And though I couldn't find any Thai eggplants, I was able to score some tiny baby eggplants, which had almost no bitterness. I also wanted a protein of some sort, and drawing inspiration from some recipes that called for salmon, I substituted Lake Trout—a gorgeous orange-hued fish with a firm texture from Northern Lake Michigan (which, I should point out, is of no relation to Baltimore's own "Lake Trout").

The result had the same dynamic flavor I crave from Thai green curry, with the added bonus of fresh, in season produce.