San Francisco: A Look at Coi's New Vegetable Menu with Chef Daniel Patterson

[Photographs: Christine Tsai]

"Personally, I like food that's light and clean and bright. My cooking has always been plant based," says Chef Daniel Patterson of Coi Restaurant in San Francisco. The 12 to 13 dish tasting menu at Coi usually only includes a handful of dishes featuring meat or fish. "We get a lot of vegetarians, and we'd make things for them, and I realized we should make that option more explicit."

In recent months, Coi has started offering a vegetable tasting menu alongside the omnivore one. (Though strictly vegetarian options are available upon request, the vegetable menu sometimes includes gelatin, which some vegetarians avoid.) The menu includes unusual preparations like celtuce served with a burnt hay sauce, carrots infused with coffee, and a tofu dish coagulated with ocean water, and finishes up with a deceptively simple peach dessert.

Many of the dishes are the same the meat-eaters at Coi are eating, though there are a few additions, as well. Chef Patterson gave us a peek at 8 dishes from the vegetable lineup; check out the slideshow to learn about about his inspiration for each one.


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