We Try a Bunch of Chex Cereals

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Breakfastime musings about cereal.

A couple of weeks ago I gushed about my newfound love for Chex, namely the Cinnamon variety. I'm still kind of confused how Chex have evaded me all these years. Where have I been? How come nobody told me I was missing out? Now that I have those little crispy, crunchy squares in my bowl and in my heart, I'm never letting them go.

So, let's talk about all the Chex, shall we?

Rice Chex


All the flavor of Rice Krispies, but all the fun of the Chex shape. This is probably my favorite "plain" variety. These babies are so light and easy to put away, with a slightly hollower crunch because of the rice. Because they are lighter than the other two "plains", I almost always need a mix-in to add some heft to my bowl to provide any sort of decently filling bowl of cereal. It's not necessarily the star of the show, but they provide a great complement to any other cereal. This just basically means Rice Chex will be invited to any bowl party.

Wheat Chex


The crispity crunch in Wheat Chex is a bit grainier and grittier than their rice counterparts, but it makes them no less enjoyable. They are a bit more of a hearty cereal, still remaining light but with a bit more bite to them. I'd put away a bowl plain, but like rice, they also are a fantastic mix-in, providing crunch and a dark, toasty flavor.

Corn Chex


Corn Chex is the crunchiest of the "plain" Chex. Its crunch is not as airy as rice nor as crispity as wheat but rather the perfect, solid crunch of a potato or corn chip. There's a savory element to Corn Chex that is only a little strange, but perfect for the cereal lover who is sensitive to things being too sweet. Robyn noted it tastes kind of like Bugles. Like its counterparts, Corn Chex is a great mix-in. Personally, I'd add it to a sweet cereal to provide some balance.

Honey Nut Chex


Like its Cheerio counterpart, this Chex variety is a major crowdpleaser. It was one of the first boxes to be demolished at SE Headquarters. All the crunchy benefit of Corn Chex, with some (necessary) sweetness added in. The flavor actually doesn't resemble Honey Nut Cheerios very closely - there's a deeper, almost burnt honey flavor present. Carey noted: "They manage to be compellingly sweet and totally salty at once, with a deep honey flavor that's not just a bland sweetness. They're intense on their own but mellow out nicely in milk."

Chocolate Chex


Another moment when I need to ask the cereal community, who is to blame for me not knowing about Chocolate Chex? Ok, you're right, I blame myself! Like Honey Nut, there is an awesome salty factor to balance against the sweet chocolate-coated pieces. There are additional Rice Chex in there for extra balancing, another thoughtful move by the Chex Overlords. Basically, it's Muddy Buddies in a box, but delivered in such a way that it's not sweet overload. Incredible snacking cereal, I dare say one of the best out there.

Cinnamon Chex


I think I've said enough. Spoiler: THEY ARE AWESOME.

Apple Cinnamon Chex


This variety was the biggest surprise for me. I like Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, but I'm still always wary of an Apple Cinnamon anything when it comes to cereal. The danger of overly sweet, strangely perfumey fake apple flavor is too great. But the irresistible apple cinnamon-y coating on the whole grain rice pieces somehow works perfectly. Like Chocolate and Cinnamon, there are plain Chex mixed in to cut the sweetness. Apple Cinnamon fans, this is your champion of cereals.

Chex is one cereal line where I can't really find a "miss" in the whole crew. And while I've faulted some brands for taking it way too far, I would encourage Chex to get even bolder and crazier, try some fruit or peanut butter or something more daring. I trust you Chex! I'll follow you and your varieties to the ends of the earth! Or, uh, something like that.

Chex lovers, where you at? What are your favorites?

Note: Though this review is sparkling and full of Chex-praise, I NO was in way compensated to talk about Chex. Believe me if I was I'd be off on a tropical vacation, not writing love letters to cereal.