Seattle: 8 Great Pan-Fried Dumplings You Should Eat

[Photographs: Jay Friedman]

Who doesn't love dumplings? They come in all types of international styles, and seem so tempting on the plate, like sculpted purses holding hidden treasures. As with well-wrapped birthday gifts, they look beautiful on the outside, but immediately make you wonder what's going on inside. Plus, they offer the added bonus of one or more potential dipping sauces.

I'm especially smitten with Asian dumplings, from basic Chinese potstickers to their more exotic brethren. And I love them fried. Steamed or boiled are most common, but when the dough hits the pan, the fat-filled oil only enhances the flavor, providing a crisp and crunchy texture.

After a search through Seattle-area restaurants, I wouldn't say this is a thorough list of the best pan-fried dumplings, but instead a diverse list with some of my favorites, and the ones I find the most fascinating. In my ongoing dumpling quest, I'm looking for interesting forms, fillings, and even toppings—or, admittedly, sheer value.

Check the slideshow above for eight pan-fried dumplings that make their mark in the Seattle area—plus one bonus with only limited availability.

The List

Gyoza at Showa »
Beef Bing at Henry's Taiwan Plus »
Short Rib Dumplings at Revel »
Gunmandu at Ka Won »
Potstickers at Szechuan Noodle Bowl »
Siomay at Indo Café »
Fried Dumplings at Sichuanese Cuisine »
Emperor's Choice Dumplings at Pandasia »