London: 10 Must-Eat British Foods During the Olympics

[Photographs: Eat Your World]

Thanks to London's incredible season-driven markets, diverse ethnic influences, and internationally acclaimed chefs, it's no longer fashionable to claim that British food is bad.

But now that the Olympics are here, with tourist numbers swelling by the day, I have to wonder: what will all of those visitors eat? Sure, the venues will sell fish and chips (and £4.20 Heinekens), but people will still need to venture into the city.

Will they stumble into the nearest Italian restaurant or seek out a good Sunday roast lunch? Will they choose a burger or a bacon butty? Shrimp cocktail or potted shrimps? After spending several weeks researching and eating quintessential London foods, I can only hope that Olympic tourists explore the host city's real food in between all the games.

To that end, here are 10 must-eat British foods for visitors to track down while in London, listed in order from low-end to high, along with suggestions for finding them in the vicinity of Olympic venues and viewing areas. Put down that chicken burrito and go get some bacon butty!

10 Must-Eats in London

Pie and Mash with Liquor Sauce
Bacon Butty
Chelsea Bun
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Toasted Cheese Sandwich aka Cheese Toastie
Scotch Egg
Roast Bone Marrow
Potted Shrimps
Meat Fruit