We Try Some of Pain D'Avignon's Breads of the Month

[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

Talk about good bread in Boston and only a few names come to mind. Iggy's. Sel de la Terre. Pain D'Avignon. The latter recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and has launched a brand new "bread of the month" club, a mail-order service that delivers fresh bread via 2-day delivery direct to your door.

The Cape-based bakery focuses on European-style crusty, flavorful, open-holed loaves in a variety of flavors. (Take a look at our behind the scenes tour of the bakery here). Each delivery features a few seasonally-themed loaves.

We recently received a sample of five of their breads to taste. After two days' travel, they were a bit on the stale side, but ten minutes in the 350-degree oven freshened them right up. Check out the slideshow for our thoughts.

To subscribe to Pain D'Avignon's Bread of the Month Club, call 508-778-8588. Subscriptions are $150 and up.