The Urban Gardener: Check Out My Garden

This is the time of year home gardeners wait for: most everything in the garden is producing, or at least preparing to. In my garden, the hardy greens continue to flourish; the root vegetables' tops are increasing in size (meaning, hopefully, that underground they are growing too); the tomato plants have gotten huge and bushy and are loaded down with fruits in various stages of ripeness; and the cucumbers and summer squash have started bearing their first fruits—with these plants, the first of many.

At this stage, there's not much to do except sit back and reap the benefits of all your hard work earlier in the season. Most everything is mulched and weed-free, and there's no more worrying about which plants will make it and which won't: that was all decided earlier in the season. So really, it's a matter of watering like crazy—every day, here in New York—and filling your belly with all the delicious produce.

Sadly, I have to say goodbye to my garden for a while and leave most of the tasty summer vegetables for my roommates. For the next six weeks, I'm off to to do some non-urban gardening: I'll be volunteering on organic farms in Colorado and Montana through an organization called WWOOF. Hopefully, this means that when I get back, I'll have some more agricultural knowledge to share with you all (and, hopefully, my roommates will save me some tomatoes)!

I've really enjoyed talking gardening with all of you; stay tuned for some farming dispatches from the west!

Click through the slideshow to check out the garden's progress! >>