Seattle: Where Chef Thierry Rautureau Eats

Thierry with Dessert

[Photograph: johnmoews on Flickr]

Chef Thierry Rautureau is known around Seattle as the "Chef in the Hat" and his restaurants are considered local classics. Rover's and Luc, the chef's two restaurants, serve high-end Northwest inflected French food and French bistro food, respectively, while the chef himself dishes up his outsized personality on his Seattle Kitchen radio show.

We asked the Chef in the Hat where we'd find himself sitting (or, in some cases, standing) for the best meals all around town. Here are his favorites for burgers, dive bars, cocktails, and more.

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Best Cocktails: Canon. Great cocktails and ambiance. I love taking Kathy (my lovely) wife here for one of their bottled cocktails. Delicious.

Best Dive Bar: Twilight Exit. You'll find half of our staff there on any given night. Cheers!


The menu at Baguette Box, home of Chef's favorite sandwich [Photograph: vis-a-v on Flickr]

Best Sandwich: Baguette Box, Drunken Chicken. Sweet, Crispy, Salty and freshness from the cilantro.

Best Takeout: Saigon Deli—the Bahn Mi with bbq pork, hold the jalapeño.


Palace Kitchen's burger. [Photograph: Leslie Kelly]

Best Burger: Palace Kitchen. The best burger in town (besides the Luc Burger). Great fries, sides and toasted bun.

Best Asian: Nishino. A favorite among my family for birthdays and special dinners out.


El Camion truck. [Photograph: Jay Friedman]

Best Food Truck: El Camion. Cheap, Fast, Perfect. Great for a quick bite on the go. Try the Lengua tacos.

Best Bakery: Ines Patisserie. Delicious French pastries. The Gateau Basque is a favorite in our office!


Beignets at Lola [Photograph: jwalsh on Flickr]

Best Doughnut: Lola. Cannot go wrong with those beignets served with Marscapone crème and seasonal jam.


Penn Cove Clam and Pancetta at Serious Pie. [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Best Pizza: Serious Pie, all pies are cooked to perfection!

Best Late Night Eats: Café Presse. Love that they are open late. Perfect for taking the crew out for a bite after an off-site catering or event. Their Rillettes de Porc and Steak Tartare are fantastic.