Snapshots from China: The Best Things I Ate in Xiamen

[Photographs: Clarissa Wei]

Located in the Fujian province of China, Xiamen is a southern port city with an inventory of dishes that are heavy on seafood and strikingly similar to the cuisine of neighboring Taiwan. From sea worm jellies to shark ball soup, there was never a meal that wasn't worth photographing during my two week visit.

I stayed on the idyllic island of Gulangyu, located off the coast of the main city. And with a host family adamant on making sure I tried everything, my trip was filled with locally-sourced seafood, huge family-style dinners, and wonderfully cheap snacks from nearby street vendors.

The cooking style at Xiamen puts an emphasis on fresh and sweet flavors. A lot of the selections are unique to the city and can't be found anywhere else.

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