Serious Entertaining: A Higgs Boson Discovery Party

Serious Entertaining

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The possible discovery of the Higgs Boson, which could mark the end to one of the longest searches in the history of science, is call for celebration. Right? Even if it's an impostor subatomic particle that they found, time to break out the party hats. But, first. What are we even celebrating? What is the Higgs Boson?

My favorite description is the "cosmic molasses," sort of an elemental goo that permeates space and binds the galaxy together and gives particles their mass. Translation: a pretty big deal in the world of physics (or maybe not?).

Higgs Bossam

This was the best Higgs Boson pun I could come up with. Bossam is a type of Korean lettuce wrap where you stuff the leaves with pork belly and kimchi. Momofuku's David Chang does his own contemporary spin on bossam where Bibb lettuce leaves are served with slow-cooked pork, ginger-scallion sauce, ssam sauce made with ssamjang (fermented bean and chili paste), and other toppings.

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"Cosmic Molasses" Cookies

Back to that "cosmic molasses" description; my mind jumped to molasses cookies. As you pour the thick molasses into the cookie batter, just think about a similar manifestation that permeates a dark universe and imbues particles with mass. And when your brain hurts too much after thinking about this, just eat the cookie.

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*Scratches Head*

This was a little too high-concept for a dinner party theme. It seemed like the obvious topic for today, more thrilling than "Serious Entertaining: The Day After July 4th." But, um...any other ideas? Eating quark cheese in honor of the quark particles that would otherwise be massless without Higgs Boson? Just a big Jell-O mold to represent mass?