Sandwiched: Lamb and Orange-Herb Gremolata


The greatest column since sliced bread.


Mary had a little lamb. [Photograph: María del Mar Sacasa]



Tips and tricks for making the best sandwiches at home.

When grocery shopping for weeknight meals at home, I have to admit, I stick pretty exclusively to whole chicken and pork tenderloin. They're easy to prepare; usually I season these proteins simply and throw them into the oven. The results are always consistent and, after a busy day, I like this guaranteed result. Plus, all I need to do is set the timer and enjoy an evening cocktail while the minutes elapse.

When it comes to thinking up ingredient combinations for this column, however, I like to think outside my comfort zone and look for items that don't usually work themselves to the dinner table on say, a Wednesday. Enter lamb chops. They're easy to cook, in case you tend to pass them over at the butcher's over time concerns, and so incredibly flavorful it'll be a perfect break from your staples.

In this sandwich, the heady, rather pungent red meat combines with a bright gremolata made up of finely grated orange zest, fresh oregano, thyme, rosemary, and a generous amount of garlic. To mellow the garlic without taking away its potency, I "poach" it in oil—a great trick , and it takes under one minute in the microwave.

This is an open-faced sandwich with a hearty, chewy ciabatta loaf as the base. Two slices seemed to overwhelm what turns out to be a swanky sandwich that also includes a kick of spicy mustard and slivers of nutty, sharp sheep's milk cheese.