Dinner for Two: Fresh Rigatoni with Marinara and Steak

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[Photograph: Kerry Saretsky]



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I love, love, love a hearty rigatoni Bolognese. Not a soupy tomato sauce, but a thick ragu that sticks to your ribs, with meat that you have to scrape off the bottom of your plate and onto your fork and into your mouth because it's THAT good.

This recipe is my slightly more elegant, definitely easier, rather summery rigatoni with marinara sauce and steak. Start with the meat, salted and peppered and in the oven for around 15 minutes. While it's cooking, I blitz some carrots, onions, and garlic, and sweat them in a pan before adding a jar of my favorite marinara sauce from the store. The vegetables add that chunky, almost Bolognese texture to the sauce, while adding the freshness that anything out of a jar lacks.

At the last minute, boil some fresh rigatoni, which only takes four minutes. Toss the pasta with the doctored-up sauce, and slice the tender steak super thin. I think I'm going to make this again tomorrow.