Cheap Eats Around Leicester Square, London

Being one of the busiest tube stations and main tourist attractions in London means that the restaurant space around Leicester Square is, inevitably, snapped up by big rich chains with cash available to them. Two Aberdeen Angus Steakhouses flank the Square, with Strada, Garfunkels, McDonald's and KFC by their sides. For something decent to eat and so you don't feel like you've been wheeled in and churned out, you need to look a little harder.

Chinatown is the obvious choice in the value for money stakes, but with a bewildering array of places to choose from and many establishments being notorious for their service charm (or lack thereof), it can be quite the distressing experience. Likewise there are plenty of places where you can easily spend £50 a head—but what about something a bit more affordable? For under £20 a head for a proper sit-down meal (these days, it's hard to find less), here are my picks.

Singapore Laksa at C&R Cafe Restaurant, Rupert Court
Salt Beef Sandwich, Gaby's Deli, Charing Cross Road
Pho at Viet Noodle Bar, Greek Street
Udon at Koya, Frith Street
Burgers at Byron, Charing Cross Road