A Sandwich a Day: Brisket Sandwich at The Rib Whip in San Francisco

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[Photographs: Wes Rowe]



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I had the good fortune of sampling the brisket sandwich ($8) from mobile barbecue purveyor, the Rib Whip (now associated with Cedar Hill in the Marina), with a bonafide barbecue expert (who also happens to be our excellent photographer, Wes). So, compared to my normal approach to a dripping, messy sandwich piled with fall-apart-tender meat—shove into face, roll eyes back in happiness, try not to inhale—I was able to approach this very respectable effort at a more thoughtful pace.

First, let's start with the brisket. The meat is white-oak-smoked for 18 hours. The result is a meltingly tender, smokey product, with the requisite charred edges that provide a super salty punch of flavor. The well-balanced amount of fat provides richness, but doesn't dominate the meat; similarly, the cinnamon-laced barbecue sauce is used sparingly to allow the meaty flavor to shine.

Wes stipulated that the brisket should really be on sliced bread instead of a sweet roll, and that the pickles could be sharper (agreed), but overall, the Rib Whip's brisket puts this sandwich decidedly in the respectable barbecue category here in San Francisco.

Check the Rib Whip's location on their Facebook and Twitter, or look at their website for a listing of regular locations.

The Rib Whip

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