What to Eat at Borough Market, London

The eyes of the world are on the magnificent city of London right now. Being in London at the moment, I can tell you that much of the city is abuzz with talk of the Olympics. Also underway, albeit quietly, is an eating marathon around town, especially at the famed Borough Market.

We have already covered this great market a few times including its intriguing history. This photo slideshow, therefore, focuses on what you should look out for if when you go to the market! Click through all the photos or jump to any below.


Tomato tarts (Bread Ahead)

"Luxury English muffins" (The Flour Station)
Tomato tarts (Bread Ahead)
Artisan breads (Oliver's Bakery)

Produce, Olives, Spices

Pink garlic of Lautrec

Heirloom tomatoes
Samphire a.k.a. sea asparagus
Organic berries from Kent
Rambutans and mangosteens
Fresh galangal and lemongrass
Different types of oyster mushrooms
Fresh campari tomatoes from the Isle of Wight (The Tomato Stall)
Pink garlic of Lautrec
Assorted chutneys (Gujarati Rasoi)
Dried fruits, Nuts, Turkish delights
Assorted fig preserves
Over 100 different herb and spice blends (Spice Mountain)
Cured olives (Borough Olives)

Meats and Seafood

Bratwurst (The German Deli)

Duck confit sandwich (Le Marché du Quartier)
Chorizo and smoked sausage on sticks
Ostrich meat and egg shells (Gamton Wood Ostriches)
Jumbo live langoustine (Sussex Fish)
Saucissons secs
Jésus du pays Basque (The Ham & Cheese Co.)
Argentine empanadas (Porteña)
Bratwurst (The German Deli)
'Nduja (De Calabria)
Baguette Sandwiches
Cassoulet and assorted pâtés (Le Marché du Quartier)
Pork pies
Canned graisse d'oie (Le Marché du Quartier)
Bubbling stews, Spanish and non-Spanish
Organic fresh meat


2-year aged Parmiagiano-Reggiano (The Ham & Cheese Co.)

Raclette with potatoes and gherkins (Kappacasein)
Brie de Meaux (Un Normande à Londres)
Comté and Tomme aged in Fort St. Antoine (Borough Cheese Company)
2-year aged Parmiagiano-Reggiano (The Ham & Cheese Co.)


Chelsea Buns (The Flour Station)

Chelsea Buns (The Flour Station)
Bakewell tart (The Flour Station)
Different flavors of fudge (Burnt Sugar)
Jumbo meringue (Comptoir Gourmand)
Ma'amoul (The Arabica Food & Spice Company)
Organic goat's milk ice cream (Greedy Goat)
Custard tarts (Comptoir Gourmand)
Argentine-style alfajores (Porteña)


Lots of fruit juice blends

Lots of fruit juice blends
Sangria (Le Marché du Quartier)