The Hot Dog Hall of Fame: 20 Hot Dogs We Love in America

As a special feature for National Hot Dog Month, we've compiled a list of my 20 favorite dogs from the last three years of combing the country for the best encased meats. In general, I try to be fair and give props to unique, authentic regional dogs, and smart gourmet dogs that integrate hot dog traditions with creative twists.

But this list is really just what I would want to eat again, right now, if I had the chance - the dogs and places that didn't feel like just another day in the life of a hot dog blogger, but really stood out as something special.

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The Hot Dog Hall of Fame

Southern-Style Dogs: Nu-Way Weiner Stand (Macon, GA)
Original Hot Dog Shop (Pittsburgh)
Detroit Coney: Lafayette Coney Island (Detroit)
Deep-Fried Dog: Rutt's Hut (Clifton, NJ)
The Pølser: Memphis Taproom (Philadelphia)
Swedish Meal Time Dog: Hot Diggity (Philadelphia)
Old School Greek Dog: Gus's (Birmingham, AL)
Haute Deep-Fried Dogs: Crif Dogs (NYC)
New England-Style Dogs: Fat Frank's (Bellows Falls, VT)
Croque Madame Dog: Senate Pub (Cincinnati)
Alligator Coney: Dixie Chili (Erlanger, KY)
Colombian Hot Dog: Xtasis (Queens, NY)
Toasted Dog: Pulliams Barbecue (Winston Salem, NC)
Italian Hot Dog: Jimmy Buff's (West Orange, NJ)
Onion Sauce-Topped Dog: Charlie's Pool Room (Alpha, NJ)
Flo's Hot Dogs (Cape Neddick, ME)
Chicago Dog: The Weiner's Circle (Chicago)
Slaw Dog: Martie's Hot Dog Stand (Keyser, WV)
Polish Boy: Freddie's (Cleveland)
Dogs from a Cart: Scott Dogs (Philadelphia)