A Sandwich a Day: Blackened Red Snapper from The Fish Tank, San Francisco

A Sandwich a Day

A different sandwich profiled every single day.


[Photographs: Wes Rowe]

"This is THE BEST street food I've ever had," the girl said to us as we wandered around a recent Off The Grid, gesturing frantically at her fish sandwich. "It's from over there. Catch of the day sandwich. SO GOOD!"

Well, that's an endorsement if I've ever heard one. The Fish Tank, a food truck specializing in, yup, fish, has a small sandwich menu in addition to a wide selection seafood-based salads and grilled or fried "bites."

One of those sandwiches is the Catch of the Day ($10), which you can order grilled or blackened with your choice of sauce. When we visited, the catch was a red snapper, caught that day out in Half Moon Bay. We ordered it blackened, and per our new friend's recommendation, with a Cajun tartar sauce. And it was...a really good fish sandwich. The fish was certainly fresh, and the sandwich had a good kick thanks to a rub on the fish and the spice from the sauce. I'm not sure I would term it the best street food ever (it's no bacon wrapped hot dog, or anything), but it's certainly a sandwich I'd consider getting again.

The Fish Tank

To find the truck check out their calender; thefishtanktruck.com