Cereal Eats: 3 Cereals from Singapore

Cereal Eats

Breakfastime musings about cereal.


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

Since I get excited just standing in the cereal aisle of an American grocery store, you can only imagine my deep desire to stand in the cereal aisle of any foreign country. Yes, yes, I know, there isn't another country out there that has more love and dedication for packaged, sugary, cold breakfast cereal than the US, so I'd settle for simply the snack aisle.

Needless to say, whenever I do come in contact with a foreign cereal, I'm ecstatic. My dear friend Melissa knows this and brought me 3 colorful, intriguing boxes of cereal from Singapore. And since SENY editor Max just returned from a Singaporean journey, it seemed the perfect time to explore these cereals a little deeper.

All three cereals are from Nestle, curiously enough, and are all adorned with action packed characters.

Honey Stars


Honey cereals in the U.S. are usually pretty darn delicious. Honey Bunches of Oats, Honey Comb, Honey Smacks - all winners. I think the key factor these have in common is that none of them taste like honey at all.

Honey Stars on the other hand, well, they taste STRONGLY of honey. And it turns out I don't like honey flavored cereals after all. There is something too flowery and cloying about this sweetness, and the texture of yellowy puffs underneath (apparently a corn, wheat and oat blend) doesn't help much either. Kind of a stale-ish healthfood vibe. Turns out I like my honey cereals to be figurative rather than literal.

Milo Breakfast Cereal


I was super excited about this one, as Milo is a delicious chocolate-malty instant beverage that is sold at many bakeries and restaurants in Chinatown. An iced Milo goes down mighty easily. I dumped this Cocoa Puffs-esqe cereal right into milk to see if it would create a Milo-like beverage to enjoy my Milo cereal in.

The chocolate wasn't as intense as I was hoping, but there was a slight malty-ness that was pretty tasty. I think I'd prefer just the Milo beverage and skip the mediocre cereal middleman.

Koko Krunch


After my less than successful experience with Milo, I didn't have high hopes for Koko Krunch, styrofoam-y chocolate wheat "curls" that smelled of a healthfood store cereal aisle. I gave these guys the milk test and was shocked to see them instantly turn the milk rich and chocolately. One of the best chocolate cereal milk's I've had. The little box was finished quickly and I was left wanting more. This was my favorite of the bunch by far!

"You do realize that people in Singapore commonly eat rice cakes with preserved radish for breakfast...?" came Max's skeptical query. Shhh, please, Max, let me enjoy the fantasy that people around the world are enjoying cereals of unknown shapes, colors and flavors just waiting for me to discover them.