Foodspotting: 10 Chilled Foods from Around The World

We're happy to report that we, the Foodspotting Team, have a few super powers. One is the ability to make you hungry. The other is to help point you to interesting foods from around the world via the shared knowledge base of our community.

Each month on Serious Eats, Team Foodspotting will showcase some of these dishes eaten and enjoyed by the Foodspotting community. Today, a look at cold foods made to cool you down during this hot, hot summer. See all 10 in the slideshow >>

10 Chilled Foods from Around the World


Naengmyun from Korea
Vichyssoise from France
Okroshka from Russia
Gazpacho from Spain
Hiyashi Chūka from Japan
Bao Bing from China
Shrikhand from India
Halo Halo from the Philippines
Creme de Papaya com Cassis from Brazil
Grass Jelly from Southeast Asia

What are some cold dishes that we missed? Let us know in the comments or by adding the dishes to our collaborative Foodspotting guide.