Gallery: A Guide to a Chinese Vegetarian Dinner with Many Faux Meats

Chinese Vegetarian Dinner
Chinese Vegetarian Dinner

A standard Chinese vegetarian meal involves a lot of tofu and soy. The dishes at Vege Paradise are Taiwanese-inspired.

Crispy Shiitake Mushrooms
Crispy Shiitake Mushrooms

This was the "meatiest" dish of the bunch. It's shiitake mushrooms sauteed with a heavy sauce and topped with sesame seeds over a bed of shredded lettuce.

Crispy "Chicken" Nuggets with Basil

This is a vegetarian take on Taiwanese popcorn chicken. It's sauteed with basil.

Stewed Vege
Stewed Vege "Ham"

This stewed ham isn't ham at all. It's steamed egg covered with a green sauce made of pureed vegetables and stuffed with a single shiitake mushroom.

Kung Pao
Kung Pao "Shrimp"

A popular dish among Westerners, the realistic-looking kung pao "shrimp" is mixed in with cold cucumber slices, peanuts and chili peppers.

Chopped Mustard Green with Bean Curd Sheet
Chopped Mustard Green with Bean Curd Sheet

This is a relatively straightforward cold vegetable dish. It consists of mustard greens, edamame beans, and bean curd sheets.

Shredded "Pork" with Baby Bamboo

One of the most convincing faux meat dishes, the "pork" is made with soy and served with tender shoots of baby bamboo. This goes great with white rice.

Sweet and Sour Soup
Sweet and Sour Soup

Sweet and sour soup is a standard pre-dinner appetizer that comes in all Chinese restaurants (vegetarian or not). At Vege Paradise, the soup is complimentary during lunch hours.

"Fish" with Tofu and Hot Bean Sauce

It's all about presentation at Chinese vegetarian restaurants. The "fish" is made with soy and the "skin" wrapped around it is made from seaweed.

"Kidney" with Basil

Another classic Taiwanese dish, the "kidney" is made with konnyaku, a jelly made from yam starch. The slices on the "kidneys" are a decorative addition. They're made to imitate the texture of a typical Chinese pork kidney dish.

Sliced "Sausage" with Pickled Napa Cabbage

The sliced "sausage" is made with wheat gluten. The pickled cabbage gives the dish a sour taste.

House "Chicken" with Brown Sauce

The "chicken" is fried and cooked with a sweet and savory sauce. Topped with bits of chili peppers, it's a great comfort food dish that's reminiscent of orange chicken.