10 Must-Eat Bites in Havana, Or That Week I Spent in Cuba

[Photographs: Ed Levine]

The food in Havana can be, shall we say, challenging. The state-run restaurants don't exactly demand greatness from employees, both cooks and servers, and the privately run restaurants in people's homes (called "paladars") often feature pretty home cooks trying too hard to impress their almost 100% tourist clientele.

Ice-cold Coconut Milk at the San Jose Market

Drinking coconut milk with my wife Vicky.

That said, I could not come home from seven insanely interesting and fascinating days in Havana without giving you serious food suggestions should you be lucky enough to figure out a way to get to Havana before the post-Castro era is ushered in with its many inevitable changes. Check out the streetside churros, the pork sold by the kilo, the coconut milk and more memorable bites and sips in Havana.

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