10 Breakfast Sandwiches We Love in Portland, Maine

[Photographs: Malcolm Bedell]

You know those bleary mornings after drinking a little too much (OK, a lot too much) when your eyes refuse to focus the next morning? And your skull feels twice as big? Yeah, those are breakfast sandwich mornings.

It's a habit I picked up in my early twenties, working for one self-destructing Internet startup after another. My coworkers and I would spend whole nights in nondescript copycat Irish pubs, beginning immediately after work until closing time at 4 a.m., drinking our brains out and trying in vain to figure out exactly what we were doing with our lives.

After a night made fuzzy by 12 pints of Harp with Jameson backs, sometimes the only thing to give you strength to start a new day is a nice, greasy, bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich from the corner deli.

This became my platonic ideal for the sandwich: a New York-style "hard roll" with half a dozen strips of crunchy, curled-up bacon, and a thick layer of melted American cheese. The "egg" portion of my ideal bacon-egg-and-cheese is barely a factor; really it's just present as a gesture so that I can eat what is, essentially, a grilled bacon and cheese sandwich. A few shakes of hot sauce later, and you've got my favorite version of this quick, on-the-go sandwich. Add a nap, and you'll be (almost) ready to face the day.

But breakfast sandwiches don't always have to be about medical necessity. We love them on just about any morning. Here are 10 places to find our favorite versions of the classic breakfast sandwich in Portland, Maine.

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The List

Punky's »
OhNo Cafe »
158 Pickett Street »
Mellen Street Market »
The Holy Donut »
The Front Room »
The Porthole Restaurant »
Scratch Baking Co. »
Hot Suppa »
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