Video: At Home with Dale Talde Making Cacio e Pepe


[Videography: Jessica Leibowitz]

We're curious: what do chefs cook for themselves at home? Are their forks heavy with five-star caliber bounty, or would we catch them polishing off a Stoeffer's pizza, standing up, over the sink? We went to Dale Talde's apartment to find out his secrets, and sneak a peek inside his fridge.

Dale, former Top Cheffer and current restaurateur superstar, is a serious chef. But when he gets home from a long night of service, plus or minus five or six Jamesons, it's unlikely he's elbows-deep making his famous Korean fried chicken.

"The key to cooking at the home, for me is not to make anything too involved," Dale told us during our shoot at his downtown Brooklyn apartment.

Check out the video below to see Dale and Carey make his top pick: Cacio e Pepe, or what he lovingly calls "Italian macaroni and cheese."

While it's undeniably good food, Dale "lazies up" the process so it's simple enough to cook no matter how tipsy or tired he may be. Think such classic bachelor moves as using a fork to stir, not waiting for the water to boil, a heavy-handed application of cheese, and eating straight from the pan, on a paper towel, while watching SportsCenter.

What are your best lazy-at-home cooking tips?

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About the videographer: Jessica Leibowitz is in charge of all things video at Serious Eats. You can follow more of her adventures on her site, or on Twitter at @photo_delicious.