The Country Cooking of Italy's Potatoes with Porcini


[Photograph: Melissa Hamilton and Christopher Hirsheimer]

In the intro to this recipe for Potatoes with Porcini from The Country Cooking of Italy, author Colman Andrews tells us a little about the thrifty ways of the people of Liguria. When procini season rolls around, Ligurians stretch their pricy 'shrooms by bulking them up with inexpensive potatoes. Baked gratin style, the potatoes have a chance to take on all of lovely qualities of the porcinis.

What Worked: We loved the way the porcini infuse the thinly sliced spuds. More bang for your porcini buck.

What Didn't: All's clear here.

Suggested Tweaks: We're wondering what would happen if we added porcinis to a creamy potato gratin recipe. Hmm.

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