The Country Cooking of Italy's Frico or Friulano Cheese Crisps


[Photograph: Melissa Hamilton and Christopher Hirsheimer]

There's something very civilized about the Italian tradition of an apertivo. Sure, you could just dive into dinner but relaxing with a little cocktail or glass of wine and a few bites makes everything all the better. After all, you have to whet that appetite somehow, right?

These Frico or Friulano Cheese Crisps from The Country Cooking of Italy are the perfect little bite to go along with the pre-dinner drink. Savory and salty, crisp and cheesy, they have the munchability of a potato chip with an apertivo-level elegance.

What Worked: These little cheese crisps are the ideal snack along with a glass of crisp Fruilian white.

What Didn't: Not to worry if you can't find the Montasio cheese called for in the recipe, Asiago will do the trick.

Suggested Tweaks: You can also try these cocktail hour bad boys with Parmigiano.

As always with our Cook the Book feature, we have five (5) copies of The Country Cooking of Italy to give away.