Sauced: Fresh Peach and Ginger Sauce


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[Photographs: Joshua Bousel ]

When I was last a member of a CSA, our fruit share left me so awash in an endless supply of peaches that I decided I had had enough of them. This developed lack of enthusiasm for the peach was a big disappointment to the wife, who wallowed in that peachy bounty. So a couple years later, I'm slowly getting back into the peach game, starting with this fresh peach and ginger sauce.

Knowing this would be a savory topping for pork chops, I started the sauce off with sauteed shallots that were mixed with ginger and garlic to add a depth to the onslaught of peaches there were added next. Brown sugar, cinnamon, and mustard powder rounded out the flavor accents as the peaches slowly cooked, turning from firm fruit to syrupy sauce.

Once the peaches were fully softened and saucy, I tasted the creation and while decent, it was definitely lacking something. A little splash of bourbon fixed that right up, adding a robustness to the sauce that was falling a little flat.

Spooned over thick cut, grilled pork chops, this sauce was amazing. Its sweet, fruity base was cut by the sharpness of the ginger, lending a pleasing contrast of flavors against the juicy meat of the pork chop. It left me wondering why I ever abandoned the peach, which is now solidly on my radar once again.