A Sandwich a Day: Pan con Lechon from Café Con Leche in Seattle

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When the Paladar Cubano food truck in North Seattle shut down in mid-2010, locals mourned the only place around serving a true Cubano sandwich. Now that it's been reincarnated in restaurant form as Café Con Leche, those Cuban sandwiches are back, and they've brought with them their friend, the Pan con Lechon. While all the attention is lavished on the Cubano, the Pan con Lechon harbors a secret prize for the pork lover.

The roasted pork is lightly shredded and piled high on toasted Cuban bread, complemented by the sweetness of grilled onions. Then comes the highlight of the sandwich and the reason it beats out the Cubano: Café con Leche's garlic sauce. It comes alongside your fries or tostones (plantain chips) too, but the brilliant green flavor-wave of spicy, raw allium is best when intermingling with the crisp bread, the rich pork, and the sugar kiss of the onions. To call it just an aioli would be demeaning; this garlic sauce deserves its own pedestal. Right now, that pedestal is the Pan con Lechon at Café con Leche.

Café Con Leche

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