Check Out the 'Food Is the New Rock' Blog and Podcast

20120606-food-new-rock.jpgSo one of our main men, Midtown Lunch founder Zach Brooks, just launched a podcast (on iTunes here) as part of his newest blogging (ad)venture, Food is the New Rock, with the very fine Los Angeles-based food writer Jonathan Gold as his first guest.

Like most of us here at Serious Eats World HQ, Zach loves music as much (or even perhaps a smidgen more) as he loves food. In fact, like me, Zach spent a fair amount of time working in the music business, at radio stations in programming. When I met him five years ago, he was working at Sirius Radio full-time and blogging in his off hours.

We used to talk about the parallels between food and music over many a midtown lunch, so I wasn't surprised when he launched the Food is the New Rock site more than a year ago. Gold also has an extensive musical background as a player, writer, club owner, and composer, so who better to launch his food and music podcast with. When I listened to the podcast, I learned that, among many other things, Gold hung out with Snoop Dogg back in the day.

Congrats, Zach. Keep those podcasts coming.