British Bites: Boxty and Bacon

British Bites

Classic British dishes updated for the modern American cook.


[Photograph: Sydney Oland]

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Serious Eats digs into pancakes around the world.

These traditional Irish potato pancakes are sometimes called "poorhouse bread," but when paired with some salty bacon and a few drizzles of syrup, you've got a meal you can be proud to serve no matter who you're hosting.

The combination of mashed and raw grated potato gives these simple cakes a really unique texture, unlike any pancake I've had before. And while these do make an ideal breakfast, perhaps for those mornings when you feel a tad tender after a long evening at the bar, they also make a really interesting side for grilled meats. They would also make a great base for a piece of hot smoked salmon, or even some leftover grilled vegetables for a quick appetizer (if you happened to have any leftovers).

When frying boxty, make sure you have a few drizzles of extra oil on hand because the potatoes tend to soak a good amount of fat in the pan while they crisp. If you're abstaining from bacon, use a good amount of olive or vegetable oil to cook your boxty.