A Sandwich a Day: The French Dip at Wedgwood Broiler in Seattle

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Bread. Meat. Jus. There are really only three elements to the perfect French dip sandwich. But North End diner Wedgwood Broiler excels at five of them, though. That's because beyond the three basics, they also bring in a charmingly old-school atmosphere (with pricing and service to match) and a spectacularly retro side salad that involves chopped salami and Cheez-it crackers.

The roast beef (that's the important part, really) is thin enough to pick up some jus flavor, but thick enough that it can be stacked up to hearty-sandwich height. This is a steakhouse, at its core, so they know their way around a cow. There's good, meaty flavor in the beef going into the sandwich. The bread soaks up the salty, rich jus until just before it falls apart. There are a lot of poor French dips in this world, but a place that hasn't changed one iota since it was remodeled—in 1969—isn't getting by on its looks. The Wedgwood stands on the quality of its food (burgers ground in-house and the like); and on a menu lacking modern excitement, old-school French dip satisfies a craving you didn't know you had.

Wedgwood Broiler

8230 35th Avenue Northeast, Seattle, WA 98115 (map) 206-523-1115