6 Food Trucks on Austin's South Congress Avenue That Are Actually Good

[Photographs: Meredith Bethune]

Most visitors to Austin end up wandering South Congress Avenue's trendy boutiques, restaurants, and food truck enclaves. Colorful signs and logos jump out at potential customers, aggressively competing for their business. But not all trucks are created equal. Don't let the Texas heat drive you to eat mediocre food in a fit of desperation. If you want to experience Austin's famous food truck scene without disappointment, you'll need a plan of attack. Here's a list of trailers on South Congress Avenue where you're bound to find good food.


The List

Hey!..You Gonna Eat or What? »
Wurst Tex »
Ms. P's Electric Cock »
Nomad Dosa »
David's Lockhart Barbecue »
Crepes Mille »