Kevin Gillespie's Guide to Where to Eat in Atlanta


We're getting excited for the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, May 10 through 13; editors Carey Jones and Erin Zimmer will be flying down for the event, and we'll have a lot to tell you.

But where's good to eat in Atlanta itself? We turned to Kevin Gillespie—finalist of Top Chef Season 6, and executive chef at Woodfire Grill, to tell us his favorite places to eat breakfast, falafel, sandwiches, burgers, and much more.

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Pizza: I go to Antico. Every pizza there is fantastic but their plain margherita is amazing.

Fancy Burger: Bocado has the best hamburger ever. I'm a big fan of the flat top style of cooking. And to me, American cheese is the best on a burger. They toast the bun. It's just all juicy and delicious.

Sandwich: Gotta be the medio dia on pineapple bread at Super Pan. Hector does a great job of making all the elements of the sandwich. He cures his own ham. The bread is so perfect. The pork is perfectly prepared. The finished product has all the right textures.

Coffee: I love Octane. I go to both locations a lot. The West Side location has french press and the East Side has pour over. I'm a coffee nerd and Octane always has the freshest variety.

Breakfast: Thumbs Up is my go-to breakfast spot. I get the Cav's omelette when I'm trying to be a little healthier. At least I've convinced myself that it's a little healthier.

Dive Bar: The Highlander. The tots are delicious. The food is good. They support my heavy metal agenda. And I like the name.

Cocktail bar: H. Harper Station. They have great drinks. It's chill and nice. And the food is prepared by my former sous chef Joey—it's phenomenal.

Ice cream: Morelli's. They always have avant grade flavors. And they let me make some of my own creations. Creamiest ever.

Takeout: Spoon on the East Side. It's very close to my house. Love the basil fried rice.

Falafel: Pita Palace is awesome. On Tuesdays, get the cornish hen pita. Get the spicy condiment but go light on it!

Biscuits: The best ones are at Home Grown. Get the biscuits and gravy. Or go with the real comfort food and get the biscuits and gravy with fried chicken on top.