S. H. Fernando Jr.'s Sri Lankan Chicken Curry


[Photograph: Susan Now]

Chicken Curry or Kukul Mas was the first recipe that S.H. Fernando Jr., author of Rice & Curry added to his Sri Lankan recipe repertoire. It's a wonderfully creamy curry that begins by assembling a Roasted Curry Powder that lends all the rich, deeply spiced flavors to the curry.

The curry powder is a kitchen sink mix of all sorts of South Asian spices, each toasted individually, and whizzed together at the end, making for a uniquely warm blend that complements all matter of fiery chiles. But if grinding your own curry seems too daunting of an undertaking, it's worth noting that Fernando hand-blends his own curries that can be ordered right here.

Once you've got your curry, store-bought or homemade (no judgement here), you sprinkle it on the chicken along with a healthy dose of cayenne and a splash of apple cider vinegar. Here's where you have a little wiggle room. If you're pressed for time, simply let it marinate for a least half and hour and proceed, but if you have luxury of time, let it really soak in overnight.

What Worked: Fernando's Roasted Curry powder brings a level of savory depth to this ultra creamy, lightly spicy chicken curry.

What Didn't: The longer you can allow the chicken to marinate, the better. Giving the chicken a chance to really take in that roasted curry powder and cayenne is what this recipe is all about.

Suggested Tweaks: If you're worried about chicken breasts drying out, you can always swap in juicier dark meat thighs.

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