S. H. Fernando Jr.'s Coconut Custard Pudding


[Photograph: Susan Now]

This Coconut Custard Pudding from S.H. Fernando Jr.'s Rice & Curry is a tropical take on a caramel custard. Instead of cream or milk, this recipe calls for thick coconut milk, resulting in a rich custard full of caramelized coconut notes, accented with nutmeg and cardamom. A scattering of crushed cashews are sprinkled on just before serving to add a crunch to the creamy custard.

What Worked: Delicate, smooth, and eggy with a soft notes of nutmeg, this custard is set off beautifully by a sprinkle of crunchy cashews.

What Didn't: While the recipe worked wonderfully, we must warn you that grating jaggery is...well, we'll just say watch your fingers.

Suggested Tweaks: Keeping with the tropical flavors of this dessert, we can see how serving it alongside slices of mango or fresh coconut would only make it that much more enjoyable.

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