Peanut Butter Beer: Shouldn't It Exist?

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There are all kinds of flavored beers out there—beers made with pumpkin, raspberries, cinnamon, oysters. And with salty peanuts being one of beer's favorite partners, don't you think it's time that Peanut Butter Beer made an appearance?

For a while, my search for a bottle of peanut buttery beer was fleeting. I had heard about a peanut oatmeal stout called Uber Goober from Short's Brewing Co. in Bellaire, Michigan, but it hasn't been brewed since 2010.

I also heard about Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter from Willoughby Brewing in Willoughby, Ohio; alas, it's only available on tap in Ohio, which isn't on my travel schedule this month.

Finally, I stumbled upon Peter Kennedy, a homebrewer and beer blogger from New Jersey who created his own Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter and was kind enough to share some with me. This dark brew contains notes of coffee, chocolate, and a lot of nuttiness. It's slightly bitter, with unexpected sweet and savory notes. Not too much carbonation—just enough to provide some relief from the slick richness the peanut butter imparts.

My fellow peanut butter and beer lovers: wouldn't you agree that more brewers should produce more peanut butter beer? Have you ever tried peanut butter beer, or just dream of how delicious this combination could be?