Michael Natkin's Peppery Absorption-Cooked Red-Wine Capellini


[Photograph: Michael Natkin]

Michael Natkin, author of Herbivoracious, is an outside of the box kind of thinker. And it's precisely that kind of thinking that gives his meatless creations so much style. Take this Peppery Absorption-Cooked Red-Wine Capellini for example—but first take everything you know about pasta-making and throw it out of the window.



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Instead of your usual boil, stain, and sauce method, Natkin has created a method where the pasta is toasted, tossed with sautéed vegetables, and finished in a blend of water and red wine. Seasoned with smoked paprika, cayenne, rosemary, and oregano, this pasta is packed with loads of big flavors, fresh veggies, and the pasta itself is toasty and winey.

What Worked: This atypical pasta preparation will open up a whole new world of possibilities once you realize that pasta and sauce can coexist in the same pot.

What Didn't: Not a thing. We're well into the absorption method.

Suggested Tweaks: Tweak away; red wine, white wine, and stock would all make for wonderful absorption pasta sauces.

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